A Death in Brazil – A wonderful book that seamlessly fuses a discussion of Brazilian culture, food, history and politics. The story centers around the north-east of Brazil and the title refers to the death of PC Farias, the treasurer for Fernando Collor’s 1989 presidential campaign. This tale is pivotal to the book and is put into context along with 500 years of history. The astonishing insight into the corruption that has plagued Brazilian politics, combined with Peter Robb’s effortless skill at weaving a magical tale, makes for a fascinating read.


Mario de Janeiro Testino – A dedication to the beauty and passion of Rio by a lifelong fan of the city’s reckless abandon, world renowned photographer Mario Testino. The pictures are of breathtaking sunsets over the Dois Irmaos Mountains, and of incomparably beautiful Cariocas (Rio natives), including the supermodel Gisele Bundchen. Guaranteed to get everyone in the mood for their trip to sunny Brazil.  A coffee table must-have.



Brazilian Adventure – A very entertaining book written by the brother of Ian Fleming, the author of James Bond. Peter Fleming joined an expedition into the Amazon ostensibly to ascertain the fate the explorer Colonel Fawcett, who had disappeared in 1925 while searching for the legendary city of El Dorado, but in reality the trip is more of a hunting jolly to the interior of Brazil. Information pertaining to the Colonel proves to be sparse, but the superbly well written and witty account of the journey is one of the most elegant descriptions of the people and landscapes of Brazil by any foreign travel writer.


Gabriela, Clove and Cinnamon – Written by Jorge Amado, Brazil’s much loved and admired Nobel Laureate author, this book tells the story of small town Brazil in the 1920s, focusing on an unlikely heroine – Gabriela, a poor and starving economic migrant from the surrounding countryside.  It deals with the relevant themes of poverty, opportunity and society in an exotic and romantic way.



Futebol – the Brazilian way of life – An in depth look at the Brazilian obsession with football, from the beaches of Rio to the muddy riverbanks of Amazonia. Global issues such as all talented Brazilian footballers moving abroad to Europe and the politics (and corruption) of football are also covered in detail.


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