As we hit the crescendo of the 2017 summer season, Dehouche is here to guide you in making the right decision for which blocos to attend. From electro trance to 60’s dance, colourful props to 90’s pop and early morning wake ups to late night pick me ups, there’s a bloco for everyone.
However, as crowds of foreigners flock from all over the globe to party on Carioca soil, it’s easy to get lost amidst the colourful mayhem that takes over the city. Officially, carnival starts this weekend (24-27th) of Feb but in true Brazilian party spirit, there’s something happening almost all month.
Carnival is symbolic of Brazilian culture with many locals taking the opportunity express both pride in their nation as well as some salient political protest expressed through the creative, often outrageous dress choices and themes of the parties and songs. However, it also comes at a time when the country needs something to celebrate after what has been somewhat of a turbulent year of political and economic instability; there has never been a better time to come to Brazil and let off some steam with the locals.
Brazilians are very much in a sense married to Carnival and with that in mind, this year’s blog theme is something old something new to take you through the weekend. However, don’t forget these two spicy numbers tonight for a pre-game boogie:

23rd February


Batuke Nuclear

Designed to demonstrate team spirit & compatriotism and highlight some of the challenges facing the nuclear generation in Brazil this bloco intends to mix some dynamic electro music to ease into the weekend.
WHERE? Rua Candelária com Rua Teófilo Otoni, Centro
TIME? 18h

Mostra o Fundo Que Eu Libero o Benefício

This bloco born from a public service initiative has a diverse range of music from funk to those sacred nineties tunes you knew all along but had forgot existed, covered by a playful brass band that is sure to funk up the evening.
WHERE? Rua da Quitanda com Rua da Alfândega, Centro
TIME? 18h

THE WEEKEND 24-27th:  Amidst the madness, let’s see if we can highlight a few golden oldies and fresh underground blocos that might tickle your fancy.

24th February

Golden oldie:

O Bloco do Rock

Described as a bloco with a ‘deep carioca spirit & carnival theme’ that will unite generations, antagonistic, mixed-race, bold and avant-garde. Here, the classics of rock and roll are not only repeated but adapted to satisfy the tastes of the audience. Unsurprisingly, the idea came from a group of rock enthusiasts with an equally similar passion for samba and has taken the challenge to incorporate the two into one entity. From the Rolling Stones to Creedance Clearwater Revival for any Rock & roll fan this surely is one not to be missed. The combination of these two opposing genres has resulted in a unique sound that naturally identifies itself with the typical beating of a samba drum over the classic guitar riffs of Rock & roll.
WHERE? Praça Iaiá Garcia, Ilha do Governador, Rio de Janeiro

Fresh, Fresh, Fresh:

Rola Preguiça

A block in from Ipanema beach, described as one of the most energetic blocos in Zona Sul. Presenting NEGRO e LEVANTA DA CABECA, as well as other bands, this mobile bloco will start in the popular streets of Ipanema, where the large majority of the tourist contingent hang out and will head through the city into the centre, rounding the Lake en route. A good bloco if you fancy seeing the city while you shake to some sensual samba.
WHERE?Ipanema On the corners of Ruas Maria Quitéria and Epitácio Pessoa up to Lagoa
TIME? 18h

25th February

Hard-core newbie:


Considered very much a hardcore event, born in Sao Paulo this DJ duet knows that true carnival lays in Rio de Janeiro. A very much young crowd circling round the fresh sounds of the now relatively established Salvagem DJs. However, to keep things spicy, this year the duo have gone for a paulistana party style, where the music will start in the afternoon and the entrance is free.

While they are going for the traditional festival party sound they promise to add some new Brazilian disco tracks to keep it ultimately one of the freshest blocos around. Furthermore, for all you Brits, English DJ & prodcuer Mariano Robles (aka Dark horse) will be there releasing his first EP mixed while on tour with Selvagem in New York.  This is what to expect straight from the horse’s mouth:

‘Selvagem believes in free ­associative thinking when it comes to music, channelling it with an anarchic approach, blending disco, house, rock, techno, funk and soul of all eras and places.’

Where? The address is secret, pop your name and your email address in the following link attached and on the 24th you’ll receive the address: http://comuna.cc/carnaval_selvagem_tmj/

Very mysterious.

The Veterans:

Orquestra Voadora

The biggest and best of Carnival’s blocos, another golden oldie that has become very popular in recent years with its own original  samba song that has become ubiquitous in Brazil. The bloco is so popular this year it is playing twice, why don’t you check it out and if it lives up to its name check it out again on the 28th!
25/02 às 17h00 – Barra da Tijuca – RJ – Feijoada do Amaral – Vogue Square Barra
28/02 às 16h00 – Aterro do Flamengo – RJ – Desfile de Carnaval 2017 – Altura da Praça do

26th of February 2017

If it ain’t broke, dont fix it:

Cordao do Boitata

Sunday morning starts with a classic. It may be the case you haven’t gone to bed yet or you just about got enough sleep either way this isn’t one to be missed. Founded in 1996, this is a bloco that opens its arms up to the world being labelled as very multi-cultural. So expect people from all walks of life and embrace the carnival atmosphere as you close out the weekend.
WHERE? Praça XV, Centro, Santa Teresa, Paquetá
TIME? 0900

Cordao do Boi tolo (unofficial)

Started way back in 2006, this extremely spontaneous bloco was born out of the popularity of Cardao do Boitata with a drum and a trumpet, which happens earlier on in the day. The progress of this bloco has accelerated as more than a decade has passed since its conception. Join the masses and end up somewhere at some point as there is no set route or finishing time.
WHERE? Praça XV, Centro, Santa Teresa, Paquetá

Hot new biscuit:

Fome zero

A bloco movement with a focus on ending famine and misery after a programme was initiated by the Brazilian federal government back in 2003. Using this positive movement they create an equally positive environment to which you can get down to.
WHERE? Rua Domingos Fernandes, Madureira, Zona Norte
TIME? 1300 – 1900

February 27th

60’s Gold:

Sargento Pimenta

One of the most popular blocos with a specific dedication to the 60’s sound of the Beatles. A global phenomenon during that time the band still wins over every new generation that takes the time to listen to them. Now it has been translated into Rio’s carnival scene. This bloco, is all about Brazilian rhythms thrown over liverpudlian creativity. On their website they say the British band changed the course of many people’s live and with this bloco they attempt to do the same. Watch out though, it’s popular for a reason and will definitely be busy, but at the same time not one to miss.
WHERE? Anterro do Flamengo
TIME? 1000

February 28th


Carnaval do Brasília Amarela

A very successful bloco from the previous year has returned for a show for more than 15 thousand people. This year it occupies the Odisseia theatre in Lapa, a venue perfect for paying homage to the eternal Mamonas Assassinas, a popular rock band during the 1990’s originating from Garulhos. It will mix the hot rhythms of samba base whilst paying tribute to Brazilian and global rock legends alike.
WHERE? Avenida Mem de Sá 66, Teatro Odisseia
TIME? 22.00

March 1st


Super Mario bloco

There is estimated to be roughly 1,500 people attending this mobile bloco. The appeal of this street party is that it is accessible for all ages. Celebrating not only the game but translating the colourful in play environment to perfectly match the carnival season in Rio, it truly is a perfect mix. Definitely an event for families to attend or any lover of the Nintendo universe.
WHERE? Rua Aprazível, Rua Francisco de Castro, Rua Áurea e Praça Odylo Costa Neto – ZONA SUL, Santa Teresa

March 4th

The round-up:

Bloco Superbacana (Não Oficial)

Rounding up the carnival festivities, Bloco superbacana is a non official bloco that has all the wealth and diversity that tropical music artists over the past two decades have to offer. A more Brazilian orientated bloco which will reunite some old greats in the neighbourhood of Sao Quim. Expect a plethora of coloured clothes with even brighter sounds. If you don’t dress up for this one you’ll stick out like a sore thumb.
WHERE? Av. Churchill, 60, São Quim Botequim, Castelo
TIME? 15.00


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