In honour of Shakespeare’s 450th birthday, Dehouche has compiled a list of top theatres for Bard lovers jetting off to Latin America

1. Teatro Segura, Lima


This theatre was originally built in 1615- a year before William Shakespeare’s death. Where Shakespeare’s globe was plagued by fire, Lima’s corral was destroyed by an earthquake in 1759. However, the show went on, the theatre was rebuilt and is still going strong. Theatergoers can still enjoy a selection of comedies and tragedies here at the annual Segura festival.

2. Teatro Sucre, Quito


One of Ecuador’s most iconic buildings, Teatro Nacional Sucre is also important on the cultural, political and social stage. As well as a variety of dramatic and operatic oeuvres, the theatre has frequently played a part in the political arena and has witnessed speeches from the Presidente de la Republica himself. This venue has also been graced by some of the prettiest ladies in the Miss Ecuador competition!

3. Theatro Municipal, Sao Paulo


Like Teatro Cristobel Colon in Colombia (see below), this majestic Brazilian theatre was built by Italians in a neoclassical style. Directors of the theatre famously caused a stir in 1922 when they organized a Modern Art Week which departed from the norms of European art in favour of Brazilian literature, music and poetry and marked the birth of the Brazilian modernist movement. Figureheads of this movement included the musician Villa-Lobos, playwright Mario de Andrade and author Oswald de Andrade, all of whom performed here.  Although the theatre today is more popular as a music venue, it also stages both Brazilian and international plays.  In homage to Shakespeare, this theatre was inaugurated in 1911 with Hamlet, the opera.

4. Teatro Metropolitan, Buenos Aires


Although the Metropolitan theatre in Buenos Aires fell into disrepair after its art deco heyday, a cash injection from Citibank bought it back to its former glory. It regularly stages comedies, children’s plays and musicals. No doubt the great Bard would approve.

5. Teatro Cristobal Colon, Bogota


The Teatro de Cristobal Colon performs theatrical and operatic classics to audiences of over a thousand people. It’s built in Italian Renaissance and Neoclassical styles, as you can see from the painted muses on the ceiling. It was also influenced by French architecture and has been compared to the Parisian Palais Garnier. Looking round, it’s easy to see why this Colombian treasure was made a national monument.


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