Carnival is over: the glitter is falling off, your feet are hurting from all the samba and your head has just about recovered from the caipirinha-induced hangovers. Now you feel you need a long time to recover. But don’t worry, Mother Nature is here to give a helping hand.

Here are some exotic remedies direct from South America to help you with your detox. And for those of you who don’t want carnival to be over, then start your retox with these cocktail suggestions!

This small Amazonian berry plays a big role in the body-conscious Brazilian diet. Known as the “Beauty Berry of Brazil”, it makes the body both feel and look better from the inside out. Its combination of antioxidants and amino acids boost metabolic function and remove destructive free radicals from our bodies, such as all that cachaça!


Detox: Açaí can be found at any juice bar in Brazil. It’s generally served frozen and often with a topping. Our recommendation would be another Amazonian contender, Guarana, a natural energiser which will give a real kick to your day. This is a sorbet you won’t feel guilty about enjoying and will cleanse you of those carnival sins!VeeV

Retox: Check out Veev, the World’s First Açaí Spirit and mix with lime, sugar, mint and club soda to create a Superfruit Mojito. Want an easier option? Then try their Vitafrute ready-to-drink cocktails, made with organic, all-natural ingredients and with a choice of Margarita, Lemonade or Cosmopolitan.

When translated as Cashew, the first thing that springs to mind is a Cashnew nut. However here Caju is referring to the Caju “apple”, the reddish-yellow pseudo fruit surrounding the nut, which can be made into delicious juices. It contains four times the amount of vitamin C of an orange, so if you feel a post-carnival flu coming on, here is the fruit to turn to.


Detox: For the ultimate detox juice the Brazilian way, blend Caju juice, mint, ginger, coconut water and kale! Tastes amazing and will soon have your insides squeaky clean.

Retox: A (not so) friendly little cocktail is Caju Amigo consisiting of Caju juice mixed with cachaça. Want to be more daring? Chew a slice of Caju and chase with a shot of cachaça, the true carnival way!

And the winner for the fruit with the most vitamin C is: Acerola! Despite its small size, this cherry is full of excellent benefits. Still suffering from that hangover headache? Then Acerola’s anti-inflammatory properties can help. After the caipirinha-fuelled night out, snack on these beauties the following day and you’ll soon feel ready to party again.acerola

Detox: Acerola is an excellent ingredient for a “green smoothie”, all the rave in Brazil. Blend with a banana, some ginger and spinach to make the perfect healthy smoothie with a good kick.cartron acerola

Retox: Thanks to the ingenuity of French distiller, Joseph Cartron, Acerola can now be found as a splendid liqueur. Muddle it up with cachaça, some pineapple and a slice of watermelon to create a “Sweet Brazilian”.

How about a cure from our Andean neighbours? Also known as Naranjilla by the Ecuadorians, meaning little orange, this small fruit packs a big punch. In Colombia it is known as a “royal fruit” because of its exquisite taste, which can be described as a combination of pineapple and lime. Full of vitamins and high in antioxidants, this is a perfect post-carnival fix.JUGO LULO

Detox: For a smoothie full of fibre try an Ecuadorian oatmeal drink. Mix oats, cinnamon sticks, brown sugar, water and Lulo for  a great tasting drink.

Retox: Whilst in the festive spirit, how about some bubbly? The Andean Bubbly blends Lulo, apple juice, elderflower cordial and, not forgetting, champagne!


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