With the average Argentine consuming 55kg of beef a year, Buenos Aires may seem like a red flag destination for vegetarians. However with vegan being the new black, even carne crazy BA is embracing vegetarianism. Here are Dehouche’s recommendations for the top veggie spots.

Casa Felix- Location named after reservation.casa f

First up is one to ease you carnivores into eating less meat, a pescatarian Puerta Cerrada, ‘closed door’ restaurant, Casa Felix. Puerta cerrada restaurants are closed to the general public and only those on an exclusive reservation list will be granted entry into the chef’s home. While chef Diego Felix is creating his masterful five course dinner, you and the other select guests sip cocktails in the garden. Although the set menu tends to be pescatarian, Diego willingly caters to anyone from fruitarian to paleo fanatic, if asked in advance.

Sattva– Montevideo 446satva

You won’t miss bacon and eggs for breakfast with Sattva’s menu that includes, yogurt, oat cakes and tarts made from exotic South American fruit, all washed down with a variety of teas, fruit juices and freshly ground coffee. When the sun goes down Sattva becomes a popular haven for hungry veggies. Dine amongst BA’s alternative crowd and pick up tips on the best places go out later.

Hierba Buena- Av. Caseros 454hiebun

After a morning of sightseeing in the oldest barrio of Buenos Aires, San Telmo, Hierba Buena is the perfect place to go for a relaxing lunch. Check out the daily specials, and don’t miss the amazing homemade lemonade that comes in nine different flavours, we’re crazy for the passion fruit one. The triple mushroom burger is so much more than a veggie approximation of the real thing – hardened meat lovers beware, you may never look back!

BIO Solo Organico- Humboldt 2192 bio

10 years ago, BIO started the organic restaurant revolution in Buenos Aires, and is still going strong with a menu that caters to vegetarians, vegans, celiacs and raw food dieters. For those who claim vegetarian food lacks flavour, try the seitan with lemon, garlic and ginger sauce, served with pumpkin and basmati rice and you will surely change your mind. Want to know BIO’s secrets? They’re willing to share, get in touch to find out about their cooking classes, so you can recreate their meat-free masterpieces in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Buenos Aires Verde– Gorriti 5657bav

Literally ‘Green Buenos Aires’ everything here is fresh and full of flavour, if you’re baffled by the ingredients like nori seaweed, cashew cheese and vegan mayonnaise ask the friendly, knowledgeable staff who are on hand with advice. After your meal if you’ve been inspired to take to the kitchen BAV sells the essentials and then some, from aduki beans to flaxseed flour, all your wildest veggie yearnings will be sated.


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