Can you hear that buzz?

It’s that time of year again when hoards of music-hungry fans rock up to Rio de Janeiro to party the night away at one of the world’s biggest music festivals, Rock in Rio. For the unseasoned festival-goer, this seven night extravaganza attracts some of the biggest names of international pop superstardom to the Cidade Maravilhosa, leaving the city abuzz with excitement and overrun with celebrities.  Some of the performers may be hardened South American tourers but for many this festival marks their first visit to Brazil, so here we take the opportunity to take them under the Dehouche wing and give them a few friendly pointers on where to head once they step out of the glare of the spotlights.

Beyonce ready for the praia

Praia perfection

The queen of RnB opened up the festival with a performance which knocked our socks off, so we think that she should probably kick back and treat herself to some Brazilian goodies.  We can’t imagine any trip to Brazil complete without a visit to Lenny Niemeyer, the chicest beachwear outfitters in town which has grown under careful supervision from a small workshop into an internationally recognized brand. It is an ultimate must in any Carioca fashionista’s wardrobe.


There is only one place in town we’d recommend for this bad boy on a Friday night. With hips that roll like the Atlantic waves we’re sure that he’ll be rocking his body to the lush live Samba grooves on the floor of Carioca de Gema in Lapa. In this Carioca institution you can dance your night away every day of the week amongst quick footed locals who will, no doubt, have no trouble in giving JT a run for his money.

 johnmayer1Speaking of bringing sexy back, John Mayer’s arrival in town has left hordes of females possessed by a specific malaise which is a close strain to the better known Bieber-fever. To find some peace from the ladies and sweet new chords for his next album, we recommend that he head to the charming instrument shop, Casa de Oliveira to shake or strum to his heart’s content.

A perfect little paradise

If there’s one thing we’re sure of, it’s that you won’t find these old timers shaking their tail feathers with JT in the club or running away from hordes of screaming girls.  Instead might we gently suggest to these metal veterans less party and more Paraty?  They can easily escape the buzz of the city (although no doubt it shall continue in their perforated eardrums) and head south for the paradisical surroundings of Casa Turquesa to catch some R&R after the whiplash induced by their head-banging performance last night.

These eyes tell us there's a hole in his heart that only a burger can fill

These eyes tell us there’s a hole in his heart that only a burger can fill

We’re pretty sure that the bosses’ biggest hit ‘Born in the USA’ is in fact homage to the famous American invention, the hamburger – no? Perhaps you’re right, but that doesn’t stop us picturing him looking for a little bit of home here in Rio. At Dehouche, we’ve got something for everyone and we’d send him off to tuck into one of the city’s juiciest new offerings at TT Burgers. The burger joint is project of Rony Meisler and Thomas Troisgros (son of Claude Troisgros) and Bruce surely won’t be disappointed as all the burger bases are perfectly covered: pickles, lettuce, tomatoes and of course, a big juicy patty which is product of a secret recipe passed down through five generations of the Troisgos culinary dynasty. Of course he’s going to have to accept some Brazilian flare on the American staple, like sweet-and-sour spicy Goiabada ketchup, but we bet it’ll taste like home sweet home.


The glorious TT burger


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