England Brazil FriendlyOn some level national stereotypes always ring true, and Brazil is known by many to be the land of samba, beaches and most importantly football. Their love for the national game goes far beyond the armchair supporting and occasional club scarf wearing that many of us are used to and it’s not unusual for people to take the day off work when Brazil are playing in a big match – a right which is in fact enshrined in law every time the selecao take to the pitch during any World Cup tournament. They’re widely considered to be one of the best teams in the world which is not an unfair judgement considering they hold the title for most World Cup wins and are the only country to have played in every tournament to date.

Maracanã_Stadium_in_Rio_de_JaneiroThe crowning jewel in Brazil’s football history is still just a fantasy but tantalizingly close: the moment when Brazil wins the 2014 World Cup on home turf. Luckily there’s a much sooner opportunity for Brazil to shine at the 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup, kicking off on this June 15 for two weeks. The spotlight will be firmly on the home side as not only are they the defending champions but also it will be the chance for Brazil to show the world that they’re ready to host next year’s World Cup.

Brazil's Paulinho shootsThings didn’t get off to a great start with last Sunday’s friendly against England almost being cancelled but luckily the game went ahead and Brazil’s temple of football, the Maracana, got its big unveiling. The final result was a resounding success if you were supporting England and perhaps slightly less so if you were supporting Brazil who were thankful that at least they didn’t lose. The young Brazilian squad did manage to give a taste of what we can expect though in the upcoming Confederations Cup though and it promises to be a tournament worth watching.

The Confederations Cup is taking place in six different cities across Brazil with the final to be held in Rio de Janeiro. Be sure to contact Dehouche to secure the best seats as well as accommodations so that you don’t miss out on this exciting warm up to next year’s World Cup!


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