After a long hot summer in Buenos Aires the days are starting to get (slightly) cooler and with this drop in temperature comes an opportunity for the more fashionable amongst us to step into the limelight. Fast fading are the days of dressing for ultimate relief from the heat, shorts and vests provided little options for showing off your style, and in their place come autumn days perfect for mooching around the cobbled streets of Palermo. With Buenos Aires Fashion week hot at our heels, Dehouche takes a browse through what Buenos Aires has to offer all you fashionistas.

Pounding the Streets of Palermo
28873_411954037136_72066377136_4084494_6337654_nIf Buenos Aires is a Mecca for shopping addicts then Palermo is their temple. Porteños take fashion very seriously and each weekend they set out in their stylish droves to pursue the stores, breaking only to sip coffee along the way. The best boutiques in Palermo are centred around the main eating and drinking area, we’re not sure which came first either but we’re definitely not complaining, and they offer the latest in women’s fashion. Our favourite haunts include Jazmin Chebar and Lucila Iotti for shoes which look like they came straight from the set of Sex and the City. For those more interested in eating and drinking, park yourself at Mark’s Deli – perfect for grazing and people watching.

Where Have All the Cows Gone?
Buenos Aires in synonymous for red wine and steak and a byproduct of all this steak eating is an overwhelming amount of leather. To make things a little easier there is an entire street dedicated to the sale of leather items located just the other side of Palermo in Villa Crespo.  A wander down Calle Murillo and you’ll soon be envisioning yourself fully kitted out as a leather goddess however if you’re not so sure after a quick trip to the fitting rooms get your leather fix instead by purchasing a pair of hand stitched boots or bag from stores such as Murillo 666 or Indigena.

Hunting Down That Bargain
Whilst you can certainly shop to your heart’s desire in Buenos Aires, your credit card company may not be quite so thrilled. The prices are on the rise but luckily there are some options which mean you can have your steak and eat it too… Calle Avellaneda is a bargain hunters paradise. With a 50 block radius to prowl around and more than 1600 stores you’re certainly not lacking for choice, although the quality may have something to be desired but at rock bottom prices we can all overlook the smaller things! To counterbalance the low prices many stores have a minimum number of items that you have to purchase, so look out for the ‘por mayor’ sign in the window. This often means that you come home with 4 skirts you could live without for that one top you couldn’t… but surely that’s what souvenirs are for, right?

Mall Lizards
abastIf your preferred style of shopping is lounging around a shopping centre that has everything you could possibly need under one roof, then don’t fret as Buenos Aires has plenty of options for you. Ranging from the ultra modern Alto Palermo, whose latest claim to fame (or more likely infamy) is that it’s the home of the only KFC in the city, to the très chic Patio Bullrich in Recoleta where you can browse the latest wares under impressive glass ceilings and chandeliers. If it’s sheer size that you’re searching for then look no further than Abasto Shopping, housed inside an Art Deco style building lies over 250 shops, a food court, a 12 screen cinema, children’s museum and even a small theme park meaning there truly is something for everyone.

Gem in the Rough
antique_soda_siphons_san_telmo_buenos-aires_1009_crfelixbusso_largeBuenos Aires is steeped in history and thankfully this lends itself brilliantly to those who love antiques. San Telmo market on a Sunday is quite literally splitting at the seams with trinkets for an antique aficionado to pour over. However be warned that on closer inspection that beautiful 1920’s locket may be not quite as old as claimed. For the real deal stop by Gil Antigüedades where you’ll find row upon row of beautiful vintage clothing which the owner Maria Ines Gil has been collecting since she was 15 years old. If it’s antique furniture you’re after then make a visit to Hernani where the aisles resemble a museum more than a shop.


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