With only 16 days to go until the London 2012 Olympic Games, Team Brazil is looking hot to trot, with British Daily newspaper The Telegraph reporting that there are several Team Brazil medal hopefuls including judo, sailing and volleyball. In fact, it called Brazil a ‘volleyball powerhouse’, which goes to show that all those hours spent flicking balls around at sunset on Ipanema beach were not (nor ever will be) in vain.

Olympic Golden nugget of Information: This summer’s Olympic Games will be the last to include the RSX windsurfing event. At Rio 2016 Kite surfing will replace it. Brazil is home to several top kite surfers including Rio home-grown talent Reno Rome, who as the highest ranked Brazilian and could be Brazil’s Kite surfing hopeful in 2016.  Where to catch him practising? While Windswept beaches stretch from Florianopolis in the South right up to the North-East, Kitesurfing mecca and bohemian hangout Jericoaocoara is where the big boys head.

Now for the party. During the London Olympic Games, the Rio Government will be warming up for the handover for Rio 2016 with endless events at Casa Brazil, the Brazil Olympic headquarters to be found at the endlessly chic Somerset House. Expect infectious Brazilian flair to be found alongside art and design shows displaying the country’s most talented artists.

Meanwhile a project conceived by the Secretariat of Culture for the State of Rio de Janeiro will see the streets, stages and squares of London occupied with Rio artists fusing with London’s own artists. The ‘Rio Occupation London’ will see 30 innovative and energetic Rio artists create performances, interventions and happenings in arts and non-arts spaces across London- ( look out for lampposts covered in handcrafted bananas) Adriana Rattes, the Secretary of State for Culture of Rio de Janeiro, said the Occupation project ‘will strengthen Rio de Janeiro’s international cultural relations, promote a dynamic, attractive and contemporary image of the State of Rio, and create a platform on the world stage for the best work of artists emerging in Rio, bringing to life the Olympic spirit through our artists and creating a legacy for Rio 2016’. Currently camped out at Battersea Arts Centre, you know where to head for an impromptu caipirinha and a spot of samba.

Art is also on the menu with The Blue of the Winds – an exhibition of the work of Arthur Bispo do Rosario at the V&A which will reunite 83 of the artist’s works from the archive of the Contemporary Art Museum of Bispo do Rosario in Rio. For film buffs, the V22 Summer Club film festival will be showcasing the very best of contemporary Rio cinema. As well as dance including ’Big Dance Rio’,  a mega presentation which took place on 7th July on Tiradentes square and was beamed across to a huge screen in Trafalgar Square together with a similar film from Beijing after the last Olympic Games.

Olympic Golden Nugget of information: Post Olympics Londoners can look forward to the spectacular Peace One Day concert featuring international artists on 21 September 2012, marking the day of Global Truce. Peace One Day has also been invited to Rio de Janeiro in 2013. An act from Rio will be announced shortly and at the end of the event Rio will receive the baton of peace. There are plans to bring the same event to Rio in 2013.

Not only will Brazil’s incredibly strong sporting spirit fuel Team Brazil on, Casa Brazil and the other brilliant initiatives carrying Brazilian culture to London will make the Brazilian Team feel right at home.


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