As the United Kingdom and Commonwealth gears up to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee with endless street-parties, Union Jacks and Pimms, we take a look at which spots in Latin America you can get your fix of Great British Pride.

Argentina: While Argentina may not be entirely Pro- British at present, this has not always been the case.  While military and sporting matters may have caused considerable friction, no other country has quite embraced Britain’s idiosyncratic brand of beer drinking, guitar strumming culture as the Argentines. Where else could you find a full on punk rock revival alive and kicking in the 21st century? Begin in Buenos Aires at the British Ambassador’s residence, a palatial white mansion located in Recoleta and famed for its garden tea parties.  Try to make friends with a local dignitary over cucumber sandwiches to angle yourself an invite to the secret pub ‘located on British soil’—fondly named ‘The Hand of God’ after Britain’s best love Argentine, expect Maradona memorabilia with large pints of Gin and Tonics.

Next head down to southern Patagonia and stop for tea and traditional cymric scones at the tiny town of Gaiman, the symbol of Welsh colonization in Argentina. And finally for the adventurous (read: with a desire to see themselves on the 6 o clock news with regular Daily Mail sequels) head to the Falkland Islands, dressed head to toe in a Union Jack. The place to party will most certainly be at some portion of the street between the bright red telephone box and the Globe Tavern, most recently in the international press for Argentina’s controversial advertisement for the Olympics.

Rio de Janeiro: Although with less traditional landmarks that one could perhaps wish for- Cariocas love of a good street party means you shouldn’t have much trouble getting things going in Rio de Janeiro.  Located in Ipanema and leading right on to the beach, Rua Rahina Elisabeth (Queen Elizabeth Street) is the spot to set up the bunting.  Then head for drinks on the roof-top of the Windsor Hotel, via a cheeky pint at the Lord Jim pub before finishing the night in the Fasano hotel’s chic night spot, Londra (by which time you will be drunk enough to ignore the fact the Union Jack bears an uncanny resemblance to the Italian Flag)

Guyana: Despite part of Guyana being a British Colony up until 1966, it is now is a wild frontier of mixed races, religions and many a chance for an adventure.  While the capital Georgetown still belies its past with vestiges of Victorian architecture, British culture has for the most part been assimilated into a mix of African and native Indian influence, although you can still  buy a sausage roll and nerve tonic at Fogarty’s department store. So to celebrate the truly multi-culture nature of Britain, order a hot curry and take on a game with the cricket mad Indians to conjure up a sense of Blighty.


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