Sometimes charity projects really know how to tick all the boxes, and this is one of them.  Taking place this week (6-10 May) in the southern Brazilian state of Santa Caterina is one of Paint a Future’s annual retreats.  The concept, created by Dutch artist Hetty van der Linden, is both simple and brilliant.

Deprived children from around the world paint a picture to illustrate their dream in life, be it a new house, school, teeth, or future training.  Renowned international artists from across the globe capture the dream in their own work, with the aim of touching a collector’s heart who then invests in the painting.  The price of the work is equal to the price of the child’s dream and when a work is sold, the money goes directly to the individual child to make that dream come true.

Along with using their talent to support under privileged kids, the artists are lured by the chance to spend a long weekend painting in some of the world’s most beautiful spots.

Idyllic retreat boutique pousada Quinta do Bucanero, demonstrates the way in which luxury hotels can contribute by providing both the space and inspirational views, with their ten suites occupied by artists from Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Taiwan and Holland.

This year, the drawings used come from children from a village in Imbituba, with the aim of involving the community to a greater extent, as well as helping local children.

As well as being able to view the finished paintings hung throughout the hotel ( as if we needed another reason to visit) collectors can view recent works on line and select which painting and child they want to support here http://www.paintafuture.org/.

Giving to charity has long been hindered by the often well-founded fear that money sent to help children or projects abroad can get easily sidelined. By directly supporting individual causes, Paint a Future has found a way around this, while art collectors end up with a piece that has a heart, soul and history a lot  greater than most.

To take part in the project, Dehouche arrange for clients to stay at Quinta do Bucanero during the retreat.  For those who can’t wait until next year, Dehouche plan a special itinerary to Praia do Rosa, including the option to invest in a work of art and make  a local child’s dream come true.


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