For all the couples who spent the morning with shared cups of tea and bunches of roses, there are those who woke cursing cupid, kissing on tubes and the commercialization of love.  If Valentine’s Day has left you feeling far more blue than red this year, wondering what the point of it all is, we have a secret to share with you…Brazil is blissfully Valentines free on the 14th of February, with no more public displays of affection than is typical of a fiery Latin country in the summertime right before Carnival.  In honour, we have picked out our top 5 spots to spend Anti-Valentine’s day, so you know exactly where to escape to next year.

FlorianopolisOften hailed as the Ibiza of South America, the period between Christmas and New Year is like the summer season in the Med, with a carousel of private parties, openings and events for international jetsetters and those Brazilians who can afford to take a few months off every year just to have fun.  Not hard to see why it slips into the number one top spot for an anti-valentine vacation then. Located in the South of Brazil, the island of Santa Catarina is a natural tropical paradise of 172 km of coastline and 40 white sand beaches.  Strict conservation laws have left 42% of the island protected from development, creating an abundant natural playground of verdant mountains, sand-dunes, lagoons, waterfalls and endless beaches. A veritable playground for surfing, kitesurfing and lounging around at one of Jurere International’s hippest beach lounges.

Why to go? Beautiful people, beautiful parties, beautiful times Who to take? The friend who likes posing with the smart set and wont object to dropping some serious cash to party.

Praia da Pipa– A unique location on the Northern tip of Brazil, the small fishing village of Pipa perches on cliffs overlooking some of Brazil’s most beautiful beaches. The warm tropical sea here is frequented by turtles and dolphins and the excellent conditions attract a vibrant mix of international surfers and bohemian types attempting to create the definition of Utopic beach life.  Live samba bands play every night in alfresco spots under the stars and the fresh fruit caipirinhas flow freely.

Why go? Ever dreamt of running away to the beach forever? This is a taster. Who to take? A free spirited friend looking to recharge.

Fernando do Noronha– An island paradise 350km off the coast of Brazil. UNESCO measured the air here as the second purest in the world after the Arctic. With its crystal-clear water (visibility up to 50m & average water temperature of 25°C) and rich marine life, the archipelago is a paradise for snorkelling and scuba divers, offering diving at all levels.  With a limited number of tourist permitted on the island per day, chances are high that you will find yourself winding down a dusty track in your beach buggy to find you have one of the island’s breath-taking beaches to yourself.  The strong island culture created by the vibrant locals means that the island’s social scene and legendary full moon parties are easy to tap into.

Why to go? If you are in need of a serious dose of island paradise, while toning up through lots of watersports. Who to take? The friend you have always had a secret crush on (it’s not a favoured honeymoon spot for nothing)

Trancoso–  Bahian beach mecca and favoured retreat for off duty celebs, Trancoso is a former hippie colony turned hotspot that still retains its magical charm.  Unspoiled by mass tourism, the historic quadrado, the slopping grassy central square lined by colourful fisherman’s houses converted into chic boutiques and sophisticated restaurants, is miraculously, car free.  In recent years, Sao Paulo’s hippest club nights and DJ duos have begun hosting one off events on the beach and the abundance of stunning private villas make for great after-parties.

Why go? Laid back fun in the sun Who to take? Rent a villa with a big group of friends

Sao Paulo This buzzing metropolis continues to climb the ranks of the world’s financial hubs- what this means in reality is young executives making and spending serious money and all the diversions that come with it-chic cocktails bars packed to the rooftops, new super-clubs and sophisticated dining.

Why go? For a long week of seriously high-end city break Who to take? Your single friend on the hunt for fun.

Contact Latin American experts Dehouche to plan the ultimate fun in the sun, heart-break curing holiday.


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