At Dehouche we are often asked by clients what activities one can do when in South America and we provide them with a plethora of choices from riding to skiing and from scuba-diving to surfing. Imagine a day amongst some of the world’s most incredible and vibrant sea life, followed by a plate of fresh, grilled fish and a glass of crisp Torrontes. We want to show that a visit to South America is not just a week lying on a perfect beach but a great place to do some amazing sport as well. That is exactly why we have come up with this list of essential places to visit and take part, South America style…

Horseback Riding – Argentina is often defined by its equine culture. From the essential cattle driving Criollo to million dollar polo pony, Argentina has it all. That old way of life we have all seen in films or read about in books is still alive and well in a country where many men still make their livelihood astride a horse. They are also the world’s leading force in the modern game of Polo, boasting the majority of the world’s highest handicapped players. So, where can one go to capture this most Argentine of spirits and partake in both spectrums? We suggest Estancia Los Potreros. This traditional estancia is hidden away in the stunning Sierras Chicas in Cordoba and combines the traditional gaucho way of life, with asados, amazing horse-back treks, Argentine wine and the more modern side of the culture with fantastically well organised polo days where even as a complete beginner rider, you will find yourself a veritable Cambiaso before long!

Skiing – Chile is the new emerging hot spot amongst serious snow bunnies, and Puma Lodge, located just 2 hours drive from the capital, Santiago, is top of its class when it comes to combining excellent style and luxury with some of the world’s best Heli Skiing. Owning over 5000sq km of virgin powder slopes, boasting some massive powder runs and the longest Heli Skiing season in the Southern Hemisphere. It is not just the sporty side which will blow you away though, the lodge is spectacular and is a haven after a long day on the slopes. With an extensive wine cellar, restaurant, comfortable rooms and some of the most mind blowing views going, you may find it a struggle to get into your helicopter every morning.

Scuba – This breathtaking archipelago, Fernando do Noronha, located off the coast of Brazil, has some of the most impressive selection of marine life found anywhere on earth. The island paradise 350km off the coast of Brazil was confirmed by UNESCO to have the second purest air in the world after the Arctic. This important marine sanctuary is a real hidden gem, still undiscovered by mass tourism. With its crystal-clear water (visibility up to 50m & average water temperature of 25°C) and rich marine life, the archipelago is a paradise for snorkelling and scuba divers, offering a huge array of exciting dives at all levels. Add to that some of the most breathtaking beaches in the world ( 3 of the worlds top 10 beaches are on the island) which are at the end of the island’s dusty tracks, many of which you have to yourself. Some even have picturesque little wooden shacks selling agua de coco and the world famous  caipirinha, which you can enjoy in complete seclusion.

Surfing – Just a half hour drive from the centre of Peru’s capital city, Lima, lies one of the best hidden surf spots in the Southern Hemisphere. Now, we know that some of you out there are secret surfers, craving the perfect break and that others of you are just as enthusiastic amateurs who love all the splashing around for those few precious seconds when you are up, riding the wave like the rest of ’em, before tumbling off in the complete antithesis of your recent grace . But whether you are the seasoned pro or the bedraggled half drowned, but equally happy first timer, the beaches of Punta Hermosa are just the spot for you. With a huge selection of different beaches and breaks ranging from 4 to 15 feet you are sure to find the perfect wave to suit your, style, skill and mood. The proximity to Lima means you can enjoy the culinary and cultural boom in one of South Americas most up and coming cities.

Contact Dehouche for further details and our latest insider tips on where to experience the best of South American sport…


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