The legendary Rock in Rio is in full swing at the moment here in sunny Rio de Janeiro and the city is buzzing. With over 100,000 tickets sold for each night, the city has been flooded with excited festival goers and none more important than the performers themselves. They spend the nights strutting their stuff on stage in front of thousands of spectators, but where do these giants of the music and entertainment industry spend their down time? Where should they escape to, to experience Rio in their own unique style? Well we at Dehouche have come up with the perfect suggestions for some of the most important acts of this year’s show.

Elton John – Possibly the best known and most universally loved artist in this year’s line-up, Elton is known for his love of the refined, so where would we send him? Simple answer, Buzios. Located outside the city this beautifully stylish seaside town, once a haunt of the legendary Bridgette Bardot, is the ideal spot for Elton to relax in luxurious comfort in a private villa. Idyllic and secluded, with a host of fantastic restaurants and amazing beaches Elton and his hubby could enjoy days frolicking on the beach with little Zachary avoiding the somewhat hectic Rio scene.

Rihanna – Without doubt the act that everybody is most excited to see, Rihanna is spending her time here in Rio at the Fasano Hotel, and frankly we could not have chosen a more apt spot for her ourselves. This luxury modern hotel located in stylish Ipanema, with an amazing rooftop pool and bar and with the world renowned Ipanema Beach on its doorstep, suits our beloved Ri down to a T. Not only is it the ideal place to be based for the days spent cruising Rio’s most exclusive and exciting spots, but the Fasano is home to the “Londra”, perhaps Rio’s most exciting and exclusive bar. Rihanna and her pals could spend the nights after partying here into the wee-hours.

Shakira – This fiery Latina local South American “chica” we would definitely put in Santa Teresa in the aptly named Santa Teresa Hotel in the centre of this bohemian chic artists’ hang-out.   Santa Teresa wins the prize for trendiest secluded spot of the moment, with a host of fantastic authentic bars and restaurants.  She could spend the days wandering the cobbled streets experiencing life as a true “Carioca” before settling into the local faves of a stiff “Caipirinha” and a good “feijoada” and then wile away the wee hours in one of the fantastic jazz and blues bars.

Red Hot Chilli Peppers – These hard core Californian dudes have gone for a mixture of the lavish comfort, which their multi-million dollar album sales allow them, and the more edgy off the beaten track, which reflects their music and style. Whilst here they too have gone for the Hotel Fasano in upper-class Ipanema, they spend their days kicking back at Prainha, the king of surf beaches just outside Rio where the surf-dudes ply their trade on the waves and the young trendy types sit and play their guitars on the beach.

Jamiroquai front-man Jay Kay – Whether it be on Copacabana, Ipanema or Leblon Beach, we would expect to see this music sensation and lothario surrounded by the beautiful ladies which Rio is so famous for. Having said that, we would suggest that he spent his time down the Leblon end of Ipanema frolicing around with some of the real Carioca beauties. We would therefore, put him in a suite in La Suite, a secluded boutique Hotel with amazing views of the beach and the city. This would be the ideal spot to kick back in style for a classic Jamiroquai after-party.


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