How many times have we heard ourselves or our friends proclaim the commencement of a diet or that the gym WILL be joined as soon as you get back from holiday? To be fair though, more often than not, when we go on holiday we do tend to indulge a bit, going for the double chocolate pudding or a couple of glasses of wine (and a few G and Ts) too many. Well we have a few hints, tips and pointers to help keep you on track with your regime and will send you home, not only relaxed and beautifully bronzed from your holiday in the sun, but fit as a fiddle and in good health too.


Right, to start you off we will look at coconut water or Agua de Coco. After a long night of raucous samba dancing fuelled by many a caipirinha, this miracle hangover cure is the only answer to your cachaca induced misery. To be on your best form the next day take down one of these deliciously natural concoctions straight from the husk and you will feel as right as rain. I mean, we can’t deny it is the ultimate natural cure, much loved by Madge.

How many of you have heard of Acai? This wonder-berry is one of the best kept secrets in Brazil. Served as in a way similar to ice cream this is one ice sorbet you will not feel guilty about enjoying. Comprising of a cracking set of vitamins and natural energy, the grape-like berry which comes from the jungle has been used by the indigenous people for centuries as nourishment and a cure for almost everything, so we suggest that you indulge your sweet tooth and feel the natural goodness cleanse you of your sins!

Next we come to Red Wine. As we all happily know, a glass of red wine has been proved to work wonders due to the fact that it is packed to the rafters with antioxidants. The Tannat grape variety, found mainly in Brazil and Uruguay, supposedly has the highest concentration of these antioxidants. So, Dehouche’s suggestion? Enjoy a good glass of Tannat with your supper to keep your ticker in fine fettle.




Let us look first at Remota – This beautiful hotel right in the geographical and cultural heart of Chilean Patagonia is doubtless one of the most stunning and exciting places on earth to walk in. The surroundings, consisting of glacial lakes, mountains, rivers, forests and picturesque cattle farms, are the perfect place to be out and about, walking to your heart’s content and feel the pounds dropping away as you ramble in these glorious surroundings.

Now we step graciously up to the Tango – This is a fantastic, calorie-burning way of getting up-close and personal with Argentine culture. Enrolee in an intensive Tango course and this intense and physical dance will have you light on feet and fit as a fiddle in no time.


Something tells us this one is going to be the most popular of all our tips. If there is one sure-fire way of keeping a health body and healthy mind is by indulging in a Spa weekend, and we have just the one for you. At the Kenoa Spa and resort you will come out feeling healthier, rejuvenated and blissfully relaxed. With various Spa treatments which include facials, baths and soaks, massages and yoga you will come away with beautiful skin, relaxed, more flexible and over all just the epitome of health. Most importantly the chef can cater for your every healthy need, tailoring a diet to fit in perfectly with your fitness, rejuvenating or relaxing regime. Whichever way you look at it, this is without doubt the most pleasant and relaxing way to get healthy.

To come back from holiday with a beach body to rival Giselle’s, or Rio’s most prolific playbozinhos, contact Dehouche


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