Being based in Latin America means that we often have the inside track on the continent’s hippest under-the-radar spots for festive season sunshine.  Although jetset favourites such as Trancoso and Florianopolis still stay top of our hot list for durability and sheer class, sometimes you just want to be a few sandy foot prints ahead of the It crowd.

One of our favourite picks for the year is Praia do Rosa in the southern state of Santa Catarina- There is an air of magic about it, a latent energy that makes you feel as if you have got there at just the right time: from the long sweeping stretch of golden sand to the barefoot vibe that masks a mix of innovative restaurants and swinging beach bars where mixologists shake the most exotic of fruit caipirinhas.  The emerging consensus is that if Floripa is for the beautiful people, then Rosa is for the cool crowd, for those who enjoy kicking back on a fabulous beach with a vibrant nightlife scene, that thrives on the fact you can wander everywhere with no shoes on.

Contact Dehouche for private villas and access to our on the ground concierge service… because you never know when the next villa party may be.

Our second pick is Caraiva in Bahia- Tucked away in and amongst dozens of the most stunning deserted beaches and sleepy fishing villages lies the Garden of Eden that is Caraiva. Until recently this beautiful spot was a complete unknown, only getting electricity a few years back, but with some of the best beaches in Brazil and seafood shacks to match, it was only a matter of time before it started attracting the attention of Brazil’s trendsetters looking for the ultimate escape. For a unique and unforgettable New Year under the stars,

Dehouche have a limited selection of charming private villas to rent in this perfectly secluded paradise.


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