Previously the reserve of retirement couples and manic parents with a brood of young children, Cruises have traditionally been viewed by the great majority of us with caution, and with very good reason: Once upon a time the thought of group dinners and planned fun make the thought of walking the plank seem infinitely more enticing than reaching the cheery handshake of the cruise director.  However all this has changed: Cruises are back in fashion. In a big way. Gone are the whistle-stop tours of the Mediterranean and in their place come daring destinations from the Amazon to Antarctica. Dehouche take their pick of the top Latin American cruises.

The jungle: There’s a new cruise that’s taking the Amazon by storm, it’s the top luxury yacht in the Brazilian Amazon and offers a truly incredible way to experience the secrets of the world’s last great wilderness, without compromising on the quality of accommodation and service. The yacht is 120’ and available only for private hire – it sleeps up to 12, with a master suite, 2 king sized suites and 3 double suites. Just perfect if you were wondering how to spend your 40th. Dehouche’s 4 day itinerary allows guests to delve right into the heart of the Amazon, with an expert English speaking guide on hand to unravel its many mysteries: skim up narrow tributaries and stop off at remote indigenous villages, practice you skills peacock bass fishing, before swimming with the mystical pink river dolphins.  With a private chef on hand and an open bar, feast on acai bellinis and piranha fish soup (a famous local aphrodisiac) under a dazzlingly starry sky on the river boat’s top deck, then head out in the motorized canoe for a spot of Cayman hunting where, under a canopy of creepers and achingly alive to the myriad of sounds, the daily grind of the 21st century will truly seem another world away.  On the last day of the itinerary, clients take to the skies to soar over the jungle below in a private Cessna caravan Amphibian, truly a once in a lifetime experience.

11450663_9b1027ed1b_bNomad of the seas: Not a cruise for the faint hearted, this unique journey takes you right into the hidden depths of Patagonia, without you having to unpack more than once. The opening chords of flight of the Valkyries blast out of the speakers as you swoop, eagle like, over miles of virgin terrain and lush green mountains.   Mammoth white chunks fall from the shelves of glaciers into the crashing waves below, and as you soar over the tumultuous water, the sleek midnight blue humps of a family of blue whales rise before you.  Your vehicle of choice is a fire engine red Bell 407 helicopter which will hover over your home for the next week, the Nomad of the Seas Mothership, The Atmosphere.  From here you will have 88 different boats at your disposal to explore some of the world’s most beautiful and uncharted territory. From bathing in exquisite thermal waters, to battling down challenging white water rapids, to blazing across an open plain on your trusted stead, this is the way to explore the wildness of Patagonia.

Island hopping: The Costa Verde stretch of coast is one of the most beautiful of all Brazil; home to some 365 beautiful tropical islands of deserted beaches and dramatic emerald green mountains that arc towards the sky. Unless you are a fish, the best way is to explore this island paradise is by boat, enabling you to reach even the most secret of coves. Your private yacht is the finest of its type in Brazil, kitted out with enough luxuries that will have you flexing your muscles proudly on deck as you sail past Brazilian captains of industry romancing their weekend mistresses. From building moonlit bonfires and locating the freshest lobster, your English speaking crew will tailor make the voyage to suit your every last whim.

Breaking the ice: Although not strictly South America, a cruise of the Antarctic is an experience not to be missed. Cruises depart from Ushuaia, the Southernmost city in the world. You board a luxury cruise boat that has been reinforced to withstand the arctic temperatures and ice, but please make sure you pack your long johns.  The rewards for the intrepid traveller are their just desserts: skim through narrow waterways, past glaciers, icebergs and rugged mountains until you head ashore aboard Zodiac boats to explore the coldest desert in the world. Evening activities include on board lectures offered by geologists, historians, naturalists, expedition leaders, and the captain himself, so be sure to come back knowing exactly what you are talking about.

Tony-Karalsony4-024Sunbathe with seals:
 A trip around the Galapagos islands is a once in a lifetime opportunity especially onboard the new Mega-Catamaran Ocean Spray. The elegant design includes a huge sundeck, Jacuzzi and spacious cabins each with private balcony meaning you will always have the best view. The cruise navigates around the principal sites of the islands accompanied by English speaking national park certified guide, and you will have the chance to see colonies of sea lions, giant tortoises roaming the land, brilliantly coloured marine iguanas, and the breathtaking quantity of birdlife at various nesting sites, including penguins on the tiny white sanded Bartolomé Island, albatross on Española Island, and the huge number of boobies, frigates and storm petrels which nest on the cliffs of Genovese Island. This is a collapsed volcano, and the yacht will sail right into the centre of the old crater and anchor under its spectacular rock faces. In between wildlife spotting, there will be plenty of time for snorkelling in any of the Galapagos’s many charming coves, swimming off the boat, sunbathing, or watching the sun set as you enjoy an evening drink on the ship’s bow. Doesn’t it just all sound so utterly charming?

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