As much as we all love our children, sometimes travelling with them can bring you to the verge of wanting to leave them behind when it’s time to go back home. To ensure that there are no empty seats on that return flight, Dehouche have come up with 5 activities to do with your children in Buenos Aires that will have them begging you to let them stay behind.

For a fun-filled afternoon head to the Bosques de Palermo and rent some rollerblades (or a bike for the parents who may have lost their balance over the years). For just 12 pesos you get half an hour to skate through the winding paths and around the lake. Bring a picnic with you from one of Dehouche’s favourite delis for when you get tired, or you can rent a boat and sail around the lake. Make sure you stop by the Planetarium before you leave where they have a great star show and, who knows, you could even have the next Galileo on your hands!
The Jardin Zoologico in Palermo covers 18 hectares and contains 89 species of mammals, 49 species of reptiles and 175 species of birds, with a total of over 2,500 different animal species meaning that there’s plenty to entertain the kids! Added to this the zoo offers special courses just for children such as the one which teaches them how to care for the animals with the help of the zookeepers.  You can also do guided tours of the zoo at night giving you an opportunity to see the nocturnal animals come alive. 
The Participative Museum of Science in Recoleta has the slogan ‘Prohibido No Tocar’, which translates as ‘Prohibited Not to Touch’, which will come as a blessing to stressed parents who have spent the whole holiday trying to keep stray hands from various objects. The two floors of hands-on exhibits will teach your children about sound, light, motion, weather patterns, probability and even internet security. Your kids will be spinning, pushing, throwing, pulling and hitting stuff for hours.  Just the ticket for an early night then.

For slightly older children who want a few more thrills and adventure 45 minutes from the city centre is Parque de la Costa, an amusement park that lies along the river Tigre  and is jam packed with roller coasters , Ferris wheels, a paddle wheel boat tours, and laser and dance shows. There’s entertainment for all the family with more gentle rides for younger children. If, however you feel like doing something a bit different and something you wouldn’t find at home, take a trip to Tierra Santa. This is the only theme park in the world where you can see an 18 metre Jesus resurrect every hour, something that needs to be seen to be believed!
If you fancy fitting in some shopping but the thought of dragging the kids around as well fills you with horror, then take a visit to Abasto shopping centre where amongst the trendy boutiques lies the Museum for Children. This is one museum that you’ll have to drag your children away from, with activities such as shop or work in a supermarket, build a wall, crawl through a giant water pipe, cook in a fast food restaurant and pilot a plane above the clouds. There is also the Never-land Park which has rides for the young ones. You may even find it difficult to tear yourself away.
Ways to keep the little ones amused while travelling is always tricky, let Dehouche use their inside knowledge to plan you a trip that will keep the whole family happy.

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