Next week will see the world’s most prestigious art collectors flock to Buenos Aires to take part in ArtBA, Buenos Aires’ version of Miami Basel,where they trade in the continent’s hottest talent between long lunches and glamorous events.  To be in Buenos Aires in May is to gain a real insight into the strength of the latent creativity that pulses through the artistic veins of this city.  May begins with the Feria Internacional del Libro, one of the world’s best international bookfair, before delving deeper into the creative psyche with Art BA,which is swiftly followed by Feria Puro Diseno.  Oft cited as the Paris of Latin America due to its wide tree-lined avenues and excellent café culture, it is the strong creative scene which flourishes across the different artistic industries that is reminiscent of Paris during its creative heyday and comprises a strong component of Porteno culture.

For those in the know, it is all about the private events that take place throughout the city.  Tonight marks the first of a series of special dinners that will take place at Chez Nous, the in-house restaurant of Algodon Mansions, Buenos Aires’s hottest new boutique hotel. The dinner itself has been organized to celebrate the work of one of the country’s greatest contemporary artists, Eugenio Cuttica. Algodon’s chef, Antonio Soriano will present 7 unique dishes that he has created to transform some of Cuttica’s work concepts into food.  Combined with a display of the artist’s work and music, the aim is to create a unique and total experience of the art work that interplays across the 5 senses. This dinner is an example of how Argentine artists increasingly work together to open up one another’s work to the public through creating experiences and pushing boundaries. It is also demonstrative of the city’s ever developing culinary scene, with ‘experience’ dinners such as these set to capture the limelight from last year’s favourite ‘puertas cerradas’  (closed-door restaurants).  This is only the first of a series of such events (July is Revolution month) which will see Algodon and Chez Nous become one of the city’s hottest cultural spots and a regular favourite among Porteno trendsetters and International jetsetters.

Open less than a year, Algodon Mansions is the located in the city’s most charming neighborhood, Recoleta,  in a 1920’s Belle Époque mansion.  With just 10 opulent suites, the hotel’s focus is providing the highest level of personalized service, from the stylish French restaurant Chez Nous, to the rooftop pool, to the intimacy of Frank’s Cognac bar.  The hotel is also available for private hire for those really looking for a home away from home.  Contact Dehouche to organize you the ultimate insider Art experience in Buenos Aires.


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