Now that the wedding is over your thoughts may have turned to where the Royal Honeymoon will be. With rumors of a possible posting for William in the Falkland islands, here at Dehouche we’ve come up with a selection of slightly more romantic South American island getaways which Flight Lieutenant Wales might consider whisking his new bride off to.

Easter Island, Chile

Rapa Nui, better known as Easter Island is the most remote inhabited island in the world, the nearest civilization on the Chilean coast is over 1,243 miles away – surely enough to deter all but the most determined paparazzi. Declared a UNESCO world heritage sight, Easter Island is home to a quarter of the world’s marine fauna and its sparse population means it is a wildlife haven and as well as its world famous archaeological sites and mysterious moai statues the island’s coastline is also punctuated by desolately beautiful subtropical beaches. Chile holds special memories for the prince having spent his gap year ‘roughing’ it in the southern part of the country, though there’ll be no toilet cleaning or cooking over camp fires here, Dehouche guests stay in a luxury 30 room boutique lodge looking out over the Pacific Ocean, complete with a gourmet restaurant and ‘Hare Taheta’ spa offering Polynesian massages and therapeutic treatments .

Boipeba, Brazil

Boipeba is the ultimate Brazilian island paradise, where fresh coconuts and tropical fruit fall off the trees at your feet and juicy lobsters jump out of the sea and grill themselves on the beach for your delectation, well almost anyway.  Unlike its neighbour Morro de Sao Paulo which has long been an international backpacker haven, Boipeba has very much retained its small island feel, the closest you’ll find to nightlife is the floating bars that locals have set up in the natural pools created by the reef, where you can stop off by speedboat for Caipirinhas and the freshest oysters in Brazil. Home for the week is the charmingly rustic Vila Sereia, one of only a handful of pousadas on the island and the only one where you can practically step straight off your veranda into the sea, after a leisurely breakfast of course of homemade breads, tropical fruit jams and other mouthwatering Bahian delicacies.

Isla Baru, Colombia

One hour by speedboat from the trendiest South American city of the moment, Cartagena and your luxury island retreat awaits you. Set overlooking the Cienaga del Colon, a sheltered lagoon and private island playground for Colombia’s uber rich, Agua Baru is perhaps the most exclusive hotel in Colombia. There are just two guest villas, hidden away in the lush hillsides, each comes complete with private pool and are understatedly designed using natural materials ensuring they blend perfectly and discreetly into their local surroundings. This is the perfect place to relax with endless swimming and snorkelling opportunities in the surrounding crystal clear waters. A speedboat also remains at your disposition throughout your stay so that you can explore nearby deserted beaches or if you’re feeling more energetic, water ski to your heart’s intent. Just don’t let Prince Harry convince you to carry any bags back on the plane for him…

Costa Verde, Brazil

With over 365 islands spread along Brazil’s Costa Verde it may seem a difficult decision to know which one to visit but Dehouche has made it easy by seeking out the very best of the best. Renting a private island is perhaps the only certain way for the new Duke and Duchess to ensure a short period of complete seclusion and privacy for perhaps the last time in their lives. Dehouche’s favourite comes complete with a 4 bed villa (handy for aides and security) spread out over three houses all designed to maximize the views out to sea. You will have your own private skipper that will takes you by speedboat to the best beaches and snorkelling spots and some wonderful restaurants on the other islands. However if you don’t feel like leaving then don’t worry as the island’s personal chef Rodrigo makes what Dehouche considered to be the best Moqueca in all of Brazil using the local fisherman’s catch of the day. There is even a helipad, so as long as the taxpayer doesn’t catch on and the navy can spare one of their choppers, the prince can also fly his bride there in the manner she’s accustomed to.

Isla Suasi, Peru

Of course in a continent the size of South America not all islands are to be found off the coast, for something a little different, why not head to Isla Suasi, the only private island on Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world. With their fondness for Scotland we think the royal couple would surely appreciate the rugged beauty of this otherworldly Andean landscape, it is a place to escape from the modern world, with hikes in the surrounding hills and countryside, canoeing and sailing on the lake as well as visiting the local indigenous communities whose traditions have remained unchanged for centuries. If you’re looking for more relaxation then you can visit the massage and steam room at your luxury lodge, where every room features enviable panoramic views of the lake. Dehouche clients stay in a stunning two bedroom suite with an open fireplace who’s views of the Titicaca sunset are the icing on the cake of a truly unforgettable honeymoon.


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