If you are searching for something a little more inventive than the Easter Holiday African safari, then look no further.  Take a sailing trip around the Galapagos islands aboard M/Y Grace with the kids and give them the chance to explore the delights of one of the world’s most diverse marine habitats.  Named after the late owner Princess Grace of Monaco who spent her honeymoon aboard, this is the ideal yacht to explore the delights of the Galapagos while still enjoying an exceptionally high level of service, with all meals and activities included.


The yacht navigates around the principal sites of the islands accompanied by our English speaking national park certified guide, and you will have the chance to see colonies of sea lions, giant tortoises roaming the land, brilliantly coloured marine iguanas, and the breathtaking quantity of birdlife at various nesting sites, including penguins on the tiny white sanded Bartolomé Island, albatross on Española Island, and the huge number of boobies, frigates and storm petrels which nest on the cliffs of Genovese Island. This is a collapsed volcano, and the yacht will sail right into the centre of the old crater and anchor under its spectacular rock faces. In between wildlife spotting, there will be plenty of time for snorkelling in any of the Galapagos’s many charming coves, swimming off the boat, sunbathing, or watching the sun set as you enjoy an evening drink on the ship’s bow.

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