Valentine’s Day is now under 10 days away…What this means is that you still have the opportunity to whisk your other half away on a romantic trip and save yourself from the disappointed looks when you hand over another Thornton’s box-set or service station flowers.  Yes… it’s time to get moving! Get yourself into the good books this year by heading to one of these top 5 romantic South American destinations:

1.There is very little on the romance front that beats watching the first light of day creep across the sky and the world come alive in your loved ones arms.  And we are not talking the cold, grey light of a wet February morning. Imagine watching the King of all sunrises as it breaks over the Amazon River, straight from the privacy of your own jacuzzi aboard the world’s most luxurious river boat, the Delfin.  Re-launched last month, the Delfin 1 has only 4 cabins, ensuring complete privacy along with the highest level of personal service. This is guaranteed to be the most upmarket Rumble in the Jungle on the planet.

2.  Are you keen on a little bit of outdoor action, but know that a damp tent in Dorset may not be your other half’s idea of a good time? Introducing Chile’s new Eco Camps: Located in Patagonia ‘at the end of the world’, you would be hard pressed to find many places that are more romantic- Snowcapped mountains that swoop into expanses of ruggedly beautiful countryside are just waiting to be explored on horse-back or foot.  To add to this, the camp is 100% environment friendly with ultra efficient energy saving devices, ensuring that there is not even a carbon footprint to distract you this Valentine’s Day.

3.She may have said she wanted a ‘rock’, but what she really meant is that she wants Los Roques… even if she doesn’t know it yet. Deserted white sands, crystalline blue waters and spectacular coral reefs make up the Caribbean’s largest national park, a smattering of islands of the coast of Venezuela as perfect as if The Gods  had discarded a trail of diamonds.  Inspired by the spectacular natural beauty and relaxed from endless days exploring the many islands, the magic question may well just slip out. You have been warned.

4. Rio de Janeiro, is oft referred to as ‘Cidade Maravilhosa’, the Marvellous City and if anything can distract you from marvelling at your loved ones many charms, then a helicopter ride at sunset would be it. With Christ embracing the city from on high and long expanses of golden sands fringed by lush, emerald green mountains below, there are few places more spectacular.  Sip champagne as you whiz around Corcovado and hover over the endless beaches. The hidden Latin Lover inside us all is screaming to get out!

5. Argentina has tango, Brazil has samba but few know that Cuba’s not the only place famed for its salsa. To truly get down Dirty Dancing style, head to Cali, Colombia where you can learn to dance with the best of the best. Still very much the destination of the moment after being a no –go area for years, Colombia has a myriad of charms to be explored.  From cocktails over the Colonial charms of Cartagena, to countryside pursuits in the Coffee region, Colombia cannot fail to impress.

For all romantic assistance, make sure you have Dehouche on speed-dial.  We will  tailor-make your perfect Valentine’s trip- Right down to your Champagne of choice waiting in the ice bucket.


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