Dozing in the back row of a sunny school room on a late Thursday afternoon and something stirs your attention. One eye flutters open.  It’s a story about a boy… a boy whose father builds him brilliant wings out of feathers and wax, but just as he soars to his pinnacle of birdlike revelry, he forgets to heed his father’s only warning, flies too close to the sun and tumbles into the ocean far below.  Oh… so it’s a story about the dreadful things that happen when we don’t listen to our parents? The eye firmly shuts once more.


Now for a piece of advice that all should heed- Icarus’ wonderful wings were created by his father Daedalus, who was also the mastermind behind the Minotaur’s intricate labyrinth and an all round Steve Jobs of the Greek Mythological world.  Tucked away in Barranco, a sprawling bohemian Limeno suburb set by the seaside, lies a modern day labyrinth aching to be explored.


Dedalo (yes, that’s the Spanish translation) is an intricate web of hallways and rooms housing some of the best shopping this side of the equator- original indigenous artwork hangs next to contemporary prints, cutting edge jewelry nestles inside a plethora of handcrafted pottery. It is a veritable trove of treasures that has had husbands searching for their wives long after night has fallen.  The owner Maria Elena Fernandez meets twice a week with different artisans, who come from across the country to present their offerings. “Sometimes they bring in original, quality pieces that I take immediately,” she said. “In other cases, the artists are talented and creative but just need to polish their work a bit.” Nothing but the best cuts the mustard here.  No doubt Daedalus would have been proud.


Dedalo Art y Artesania  (Calle Saenz Pena 295; Barranco, Lima 51-1-652-5400; dedalomarket.com),


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