Dehouche director Paul is fresh off the plane from the annual Condé Nast Traveler Top Travel Specialist Summit, held in the oh-so boring city of Las Vegas where the selected 130 specialists from around the world get together with the editors of Condé Nast Traveler to discuss all things travel. Paul got the inside scoop on the emerging trends in luxury travel for 2011…

So what does next year hold for the luxury travel and how will Dehouche clients be spending their money differently? The word among the world’s top travel providers was that while their clients are still spending plenty of money on wonderful trips, they are now searching for an experience that is far less flashy and more authentic. At Dehouche, clients have always been this way inclined, craving off the beaten track, genuinely authentic experiences arising out of an initial platform of luxury.  Our ethos has always been to get clients under the skin of South America through the use of expert local guides, born and bred in their specific region. By spending time with them, our clients meet fun and interesting local characters who give them a very genuine perspective.

We will also see an increase in the desire to get your hands dirty and be adventurous, with people increasingly more inclined to play samba drums with a local band than go to a club to listen to music, or to take a cooking class and enjoy the results together with the chef, rather than just eating in a local restaurant. Rather than just watching the Argentine open in Palermo, clients are looking to stay on an estancia and spend some time learning to swing that polo mallet themselves.

Another trend noted by top specialists is an increase in demand for the simpler rooms in the smartest hotels – could this be linked to an increased interest in experience? Travelers want to be out and about getting stuck in, rather than spending time inside flash hotel rooms. At Dehouche, we pride ourselves on knowing not only where to stay, but when to go for the best room in a simpler hotel, and when a standard room in a top hotel is the best option:  The sort of tricks that will really give you more bang for your buck.

Finally, there is no doubt that the social media Revolution is upon us! Everyone is connected, and increased interaction is the order of the day. Facebook, twitter and blogs are all the rage. It must be said we’ve been a tad traditional (read backwards) at Dehouche, but 2010 has seen us embrace the flow of the times and we are now tweeting, facebooking and blogging like no tomorrow. We would love it if you followed us on twitter, befriended us on Facebook and whiled away some time browsing our blog. Please ask any questions and give us comments, good or bad.

And keep an eye out, the Dehouche spirit is one of generosity! We love to post the occasional free hotel room or helicopter flight when the mood takes us – certainly not something to miss out on.


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