Dehouche is organising some small relief directly into the town of Novo Friburgo.

The floods around Novo Friburgo and Teresopolis were devastating :  Many of you will have seen on the news that over 600 have died, but this goes only a very little way to understanding reality of what it is like up there for the people who have survived and are living through this tragedy.  Entire lives destroyed, family and friends lost, with infrastructure down, very few supplies and the growing threat of disease and more rain looming.

Many of you may know Leonardo, who works with us at Dehouche: his girlfriend, Adriana, is a primary school teacher who lives with her family in Novo Friburgo, which is one of the areas that was hit the hardest.   Adriana was here in Rio with Leo when it happened, but they did not know how her parents had fared, with all communication down. When Leo finally managed to drive up to Novo Friburgo, he found Adriana’s parents helping many families in their community, but the situation up there is dire.   People are without water and medicine and there is a very serious risk that many more people will die unless help finds them fast. Leo took a couple of hundred of litres of water and sacks of clean clothes with him, but it is tough going and many more basic necessities are needed to ensure that these people make it through the next few weeks and on to rebuilding their lives.

The good news is Adriana’s mother is very well connected on the ground in Novo Friburgo and she knows exactly who needs what and where . Our current goal at Dehouche is to get water and basic medicines through to her for her to distribute.

Leo is planning a number of trips up there with supplies in the coming days and any donations received will be put to good use buying and delivering directly what is needed. Dehouche will fund the transport, and so everything you put in will go into vital items, from water to paper plates to nappies delivered directly to where we know they will have an immediate impact.  Contact Paul by email at contact@dehouche.com if you would like to make a contribution.  Any help is greatly appreciated.


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