Insider Tips: Claude Troisgros’s Rio de Janeiro

Dehouche sat down over a glass of Miolo with celebrity chef Claude Troisgros to pinch some insider tips on Rio de Janiero.

The perfect day in Rio? My perfect day was yesterday! I woke up and went to eat breakfast in a place near my house in Horto, a marvellous place called La Bicyclette. They have amazing croissants and make incredible French coffee that I love. They are, without a doubt, the best croissants in Rio de Janeiro. Then, if there is enough wind then I will go kite surfing in Barra de Tijuca, if not I take my bike up to Vista Chinese and go for a ride through the Tijuca forest.

In the afternoon, around 4, I will meet up with some friends and go and have lunch in the restaurant of a friend, Osteria dell’Angolo, and eat a marvellous seafood risotto that he makes. A bottle of vino santo, and then I head home to chill out with my wife: Marvellous.

Dream Destination? In Brazil, it is Trancoso or Buzios every time. Outside of Brazil, a place that I always wanted to go and have been planning for a while is Ushuaia. I am going to take my motorcycle and ride through Chile to the very south.  It is the complete opposite of Brazil and will be a real adventure.

Hidden Gems? For a restaurant, head to Bira of Guaratiba, set on a beach down the coast from Rio- it is a magical place suspended in between lots of trees.  Monkeys add to the amazing tropical atmosphere and the owner, a very old friend of mine,  is a fisherman and will go and catch your fish and then cook it for you.

The second place is a bit further away, Pousada dos Veados, in Bocaina. You have to travel for a few hours, over dirt tracks in a 4 by 4 and arrive in a place that is in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by trees.  There are no lights, just candles and it is an unbelievable place to escape to for a few days.

Rio’s best neighbourhood? It has to be Horto, a little neighbourhood next to Jardim Botanico.  Beautiful houses line cobbled streets, which lead up into tropical forest.  This is where I live and I have always loved it here.

Favourite thing? My two dogs: I love taking them for walks in Horto. We go up to the waterfalls and walk around behind the Vista Chinesa. I have two baskets on my bike, so one can sit in the front, and the other in the back!

Brazilian dish? Jaba con Jerimum, which is from the North-East of Brazil and made with carne seca. It is one of those Brazilian dishes every one has to try at least once!

Brazilian wine? Miolo

Inspiration? Throughout my life, I have been inspired by my father and Paul Bocuse, the father of nouvelle cuisine: they invented this in front of my very eyes. Nowadays it isn’t one person, lots of things do, but at the end of the day, I would say that it is the Carioca who inspires me!!

What to eat at CT Boucherie? The Prime rib every time.

CT Boucherie- Dias Ferreira 636, Leblon

La Bicyclette- Rua Pacheco Leao 320, Jardim Botanico

Osteria dell’Angolo- Rua Paul Redfern 40, Ipanema

Bira de Guaratiba- Estrada da Vendinha 68A, Barra de Guaratiba

Pousada dos Veados- Bocaina http://www.hoteisdabocaina.com.br/vale/index.php


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