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Ever had that feeling that you wanted to go out and walk straight into an incredible party, reminiscent of those old Bacardi ads? Well, we have found the place…There is a hidden secret that lies deep in the heart of Colombia, a forty minute taxi ride outside of Bogota, a place frequented by hip Colombians and only those international travellers who are truly in the know.  Andres Carnes de Res is the coolest spot in Colombia right now, with one hollywood actor stating that he would even fly in to Bogota just for the night to eat in this restaurant. The interior of the restaurant is designed by its owner Andres, and everything is recycled materials all from within the country – Quirky, yet decadent, the clientele ranges from ageing politicians to Bogota’s coolest young crowd there to let their hair down. With delicious cocktails flowing and food to die for, this is one of the chicest places in South America.  
As a Christmas present to you, we will treat those who book a holiday to Colombia in the next month to a complimentary bottle of the country’s favorite licor, Chivas, with their meal.  Our mouths are watering at the thought, so put down those mince pies and call us to book your holiday with Dehouche to Colombia today! http://www.andrescarnederes.com/

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