Luxury travel specialists Dehouche are the people to go to for insider knowledge and off the beaten track expertise on the very best that Latin America has to offer.  Based in Rio de Janeiro, we pride ourselves on having our finger firmly on that beating Latino pulse, so whether you are planning the honeymoon of your dreams, that once in a life time trip or simply want to make the most of your escape to the sunshine, let Dehouche’s extensive expertise guide you to unforgettable experiences. We put together luxury, tailor made itineraries that are specific to each individual’s needs. An airport transfer may turn into a champagne breakfast with Jesus overlooking Rio, a whimsical craving for lobster becomes a speedboat ride to a barbeque on a moonlit beach.


Travelling is about experiences: Those experiences that have you smiling spontaneously years later on a cold Monday morning, that inspire a new passion and allow you to really live a place, even if you are just passing through.  Now the Dehouche blog is here to keep you updated on the latest in Latin America, whether you are here, on your way or just looking for a little inspiration!


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